Saturday 27 November 2010

Mac Tartan Tale: 6 Dashing Lassie Eyeshadows

Hey guys,

When I received my latest email from Mac in my inbox about their latest collection I knew it was going to be dangerous for the ol' bank balance! The email was in regards to Mac's 2010 holiday collection entitled "Tartan Tale". The collection consists of limited edition eyeshadows, pencils, pallettes, nail polishes, lip glosses etc etc. Over the next week I will be reviewing and taking swatches of the products I bought from the collection and from their online store in general.

The Dashing Lassies Pallette consists of 6 eyeshadows which I would describe as a couple of neutrals and the rests browns and darks. The Packaging strays from the usual black MAC packaging and instead we have a really cute tartan topped eyeshadow pallette - I'm not sure what the material of the tartan is but it is actual material they have used for the front of the pallette. It also has a gold MAC shield thingy attached in the middle. (Pics below.)

Okay so the six eyeshadows that are in the pallette are as follows: A Dashing Lassie (cream beige with a frosty finish) Once Upon a Time (Champagne with a veluxe pearl finish) Magical Mist (brown mushroom colour with a lustre finish) Bronze (metallic bronze copper with frosty finish) Buckwheat (dark brown with a frosty finish) and Showstopper (dark dark brown with a matte finish, it should be noted that this is not very pigmented I had to swipe my finger a few times just to get a colour that could be picked up by the camera.)

In total if you decide to go for the pallette you will be getting 5.3g/0.19oz of eyeshadow and also a tiny 213SE brush to apply with.
                                           Packaging                                              Opened

With Flash

Without Flash

Have you guys tried the new Tartan Tale Collection? What did you all think? Do you think the quality is as good?


  1. Love it! Those are some of my favorite eyeshadow shades!

  2. Me too. I really like neutrals and browns, think they suit any eye colour :) How was your night out?


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