Monday 29 November 2010

Givenchy Phenomen'eyes Mascara

On a recent visit to my local Debenhams I stopped by the Givenchy counter to pick up their Photogenic foundation as I had ran out and had a party that night!! The Beauty halls are like a sweetie shop to me, so i'm guaranteed to come out with more than I had intended to, and this time was no different. Q the Givenchy Phenomen'eyes Mascara ...

What it says on the tin: A revolutionary new mascara designed to grip at lashes starting at the roots!

Does it do what it says: I must admit I'd be lying if i said that i was not startled when i first saw the wand/brush of this mascara. It steps away from the usual conventional lash wand and instead has a 360 degree spiky ball to guarantee every lash is caught from every angle. Upon closer inspection you will see that the ball has what is known as "Strectch Extension" fibres. These are designed to lengthen your lashes by coating them in the product first of all and then it literally streeeeeeeeeeeeeeetches them out :)

Now on first application of this i noticed a considerable difference which I was quite surprised about because I have often fell victim to believing in the hype!! Yes i have long lashes in general, but this was incredible!!

Without Givenchy

With Givenchy

Colour: Black

When using the Givenchy Phenomen'eyes Mascara i don't feel the need to apply false eyelashes for nights out because I feel that what i get from the mascara is sufficient enough. My only gripe would be that i sometimes notice mascara goop underneath my eye, however this may just be me, and not apply to everyone else.

Givenchy is available online and at department stores. UK price is £22 and US price is $30.

Shop Givenchy Phenomen'eyes now (UK) (US)

Have you guys tried or thinking about trying Givenchy Phenomen'eyes? What did you guys think? Did anyone else experience the mascara goop below the eyes?


  1. Wow your lashes look amazing! Absolutely agree, no need for falsies! :) xo

  2. Thanks Emma. Its the only mascara that i have found does that!! xx

  3. Wow! Cannot believe the effect this gives - absolutely amazing! Just bought a new MAC mascara but next one will defo be this :) xx

  4. Hey Kirsty, effect is amaze huh! So many products claim to do something and then they prove to be nothing but a disappointment. This is the contrary!! LOVE IT!! xx


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