Sunday 13 September 2009

Trend: Music T-Shirts

If you didn't know already one of the hot trends for fall 09' are music tshirts, from prince to acdc almost every artist out there can be found on one of this year's hottest tshirts. I've had a look around the web and i have found that the best range of these t shirts can be found at Truffle Shuffle. Your one stop shop for everything 80's and retro. If you haven't already been on Truffle Shuffle you seriously don't know what you are missing. From Tshirts to mugs to pillow cases Truffle Shuffle has it all. It's quirky, it's fun and best of all it won't break the bank! Here are a few of my favourite music tshirts and yes a set of pillowcases that I couldn't resist in including in this post :)

This football design ACDC tee is designed by Chaser LA and was seen on Britney Spears - £37

This slouchy neck tee again comes from Chaser LA's collection and    features the slogan "Life is just a Parade" on the back. As pictured below it was seen on Kim Kardashian and Audrina Roberts. £35
This bright blue and neon pink tshirt is sure to catch a few eyes, it is again from Chaser LA's Collection. £37.00
Mighty Fine's tribute to the original rock chick Deborah Harry from Blondie features a distressed image of the lead singer herself along with her name and also the band name "Blondie". £24.99
 Chaser LA's Nirvana tshirt for ladies is the ultimate tribute to one of the greatest grunge bands of the 90s. What better way to honour your favourite band than to wear them, with the trademark drunken smiley face and the band name this is the ultimate fan buy for any female nirvana fans. £37.00
Honour the late great Michael Jackson with one of Amplified's King of Pop tees. The Tshirts speak for themselves £20.00
Turn your boudoir into a rock chick haven with these fab blondie pillowcases  - £25.00

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