Saturday 24 January 2015

How to Create a Staircase Gallery

 source: Bless'er House

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 source: Google Image

source: Forever Cottage

source: Pottery Barn

1. Buy some different shaped frames in all different sizes

2. Use paper cut-outs to plan where your frames are going to go - this way you will avoid       any unnecessary holes in the wall!

3. Mark where to put your nail holes on the paper 

4. Start with big frames and then use smaller frames to fill in the gaps!

5. Space out collections or oddly shaped pieces

Looking for some unique frames to get started? Check these out:-

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Buy here

Hyde and Chic boutique is run by husband and wife partnership, Laura & Jesse Campbell. Based out of Portland, Oregon, they specialise in giving new life to the faded, rusty and forgotten.

Jesse & Laura offer true custom, unique sets. They do not buy their frames from Walmart or the like, throw some paint on them and call it good. Instead, they scour the Pacific Northwest to find high quality, sturdy, previously used frames and give them new life!

Visit Jesse & Laura's store here to see more of what they offer.

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