Friday 12 September 2014

My Everyday Essentials

Happy Friday Guys! Thank god it's the weekend .. I wanted to bring you a post which explored my everyday essentials and what I use day in day out whether i'm blogging or at work - Leave me a comment and let me know what your everyday essentials are:

1. Nikon D3200 Digital Camera - I honestly couldn't live without this camera. It takes the best photographs and it is so easy to use even if you are not camera savvy! I have three different lenses including a 1.8 lens to blur backgrounds. I take this camera everywhere with me - you never know when the opportunity may arise to take a great picture!

2. Inspirations and Ideas - Sometimes I have my best blogging ideas when I am at work or out with friends and not whilst in "blogging mode" - it is always handy to keep a book for all your ideas so you can go back to them at a later date.

3. Diary/Journal - It is always important to keep track of all your appointments etc, you don't want to be late or have a 'Did Not Appear' next to your name.

4. Handbag - pretty obvious, you'll need something to carry all your essentials in

5. iPhone & Cover - I can't imagine switching from my iPhone, there is an app for everything I need but I'm pretty prone to dropping it, so I need a cover for protection.

6. Wallet - Again, obvious!

7. Loreal Visible Lift Blur Foundation - my favourite foundation at the moment and it has opti blur technology - so cool (stay tuned for a review)

8. Loreal Extraordinaire LipGloss - my favourite lip product (you can read my review here)

9. MacBook Pro 15" and Pink Cover - I use a laptop every hour of the day whether it is at work or at home, blogging. I genuinely would be lost without it.

10.  Ballet Pumps - I always have to be comfortable and you can't beat a pair of black flat pumps - they also go with anything - literally anything! 

That's my everyday essentials - items I use every single day without fail!! What are yours?

Have a great weekend, guys!


  1. Love that lip glos!! Great picks!

    Jenna from Visions of Vogue

  2. Love this post! I need a DSL camera like that! My everyday essentials would be my macbook pro, iPhone 5s, my agenda/notebook, my me too flats and my coach bag! :)

    xo Cali


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