Monday 2 June 2014

Support your Team & A Giveaway: Part One

Italia Vest Top | Black Jeans | Burgundy Converse | Sunglasses c/o Sunglass Junkie
Fifa World Cup 2014 starts on June 12th and I am super excited. I am a huge football fan (soccer to those of you in the US). My native team, Scotland, isn't included in the tournament this year so I'm struggling to decide who to support but i'm leaning towards Brazil considering Neymar is one of my favourite players.
Forever 21 have recently launched their soccer collection which is a collection of clothing and accessories for men and women which includes scarfs, hairbands, vests, tshirts etc etc. All major teams are included and my favourite item so far has been this Italia vest top, although I don't consider that Italy will be a major contender for the Cup!! Keep your eyes peeled for some Brazil posts in the near future.
The heat in Brazil will be a major factor in this year's tournament. Many of the teams won't be used to playing in such climates especially England and I think that will have an effect in some of the results. Whilst drafting this post and taking photographs, the sun was unusually out in Glasgow and it was a hot 20 degrees. It gave me the perfect opportunity to wear my new gold aviator sunglasses that Sunglass Junkie so kindly sent me. For those of you who are not aware of Sunglass Junkie, they are a sunglasses store based here in the UK, they stock all major designs at a very affordable price. I was really surprised at how great the quality of the sunglasses were considering how cheap they are. I will definitely be keeping my eye on their new stock coming in. 
I had great fun learning some football basics while doing this post. Seconds after my pictured keepy-uppys, the ball ended up in the neighbours garden as a result of my bad control ... Whoops, better not give up my day job!!
So who are you supporting at the 2014 World Cup? I am giving one lucky reader a £20 or $20 Gift Card to spend at Forever 21 and maybe you will want to spend it on a top and scarf from their World Cup collection when you decide who you are supporting ... Good Luck!!
The Soccer Collection - now available at Forever 21! Shop Your Team. Click Here!
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  1. Absolutely love this post girl! Such a cute look & those glasses are so fab! I am also a soccer fan :) I will be rooting for the U.S & England! I would root for Ireland but they didn't make the cut lol

    xo Caroline


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