Wednesday 27 November 2013

Wednesday Wishlist with Express Black Friday

Express Black Friday 50% Off EVERYTHING 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Happy Hump Day! Express are having a pre-black friday sale and are offering 50% off EVERYTHING to their lucky shoppers. They ship internationally too .. Woohoo!! Finally us UK shoppers can grab some of those awesome US deals. The offer is running up until noon (us time) on Friday when their Black Friday sale kicks in which I believe is not as great as the 50% off everything!! Now is definitely the time to shop if you are heading to Express. Have a great Thanksgiving to all my US readers :) 


  1. It will be so hard to have self control this weekend! =) I love those pants and boots, and hope you are able to get the items on your wishlist.

    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and weekend!


  2. I love everything, especially the pants.

  3. really nice things, I like this post! I'm ur new follower :)

  4. I've been wanting some tartan trousers for about a bajillion years!! These ones are pretty nice!


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