Tuesday 30 July 2013

Thomas Pink sues Victoria's Secret over Pink brand

Thomas Pink has filed an action for infringement against lingerie giant, Victoria's Secret, over its brand PINK.

Thomas Pink, who are based in London, has been using the word 'Pink' as their trademark since 1984 and includes it in all marketing campaigns. They, therefore, state that Victoria's Secret are confusing customers by using the same name to market and sell their fashion line which is designed for younger customers.  A spokesman for Thomas Pink told fashion magazine, Vogue: 'Thomas Pink is determined to protect the considerable investment that has been made into building the world's luxury leading shirt brand."

In response to the action, Victoria's Secret, who have recently opened a stand alone PINK shop in London, lodged a declaratory judgement with a United States Court but has yet to make any public comment with regards to the lawsuit. The PINK site is currently unavailable.

What do you think of the lawsuit? Do you think that Thomas Pink have a case?


  1. I definitely think Thomas Pink has a case. I think VS should've done their research before launching their brand.

    1. Thanks for the comment Cara :) Yes, I think so too. I think it will all depend on whether PINK is a registered trademark of Thomas Pink and in what countries it is registered. Their only saving grace may be the fact that what they sell is very different apparel wise. Pink is underwear, hoodies, sweatpants etc and Thomas Pink is all tailored clothing. The signage is very similar as well though when you stand it side by side.


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