Monday 15 July 2013

Menswear Monday: How to Style Graphic T-Shirts

Graphic T-shirts have to be the one menswear trend that just never gives up. They can be very creative and versatile, each one different from the next. They can be teamed with almost anything from jeans to chinos to sweatpants and shorts. Anything goes! My favourite tees have to be Robin Tabari's creative line of t-shirts which provoke thought and meaning and stand out from the rest. 

Speaking of his collection Robin said:

"I felt there were a number of commercial t-shirts for men that expressed a major city such as LA, California, London, Paris, or Tokyo, or with a variety of glamour models. I felt that these designs had lost its meaning of wearing art." 

How about a womenswear collection, Robin? 

See how to style graphic t-shirts below with Robin Tabari and ASOS:

Outfit 1: T-Shirt / Levi's Jeans / Fred Perry Plimsolls

Outfit 2: T-Shirt / Sweatpants / ASOS Plimsolls

Outfit 3: T-Shirt / Shorts / ASOS Boat Shoes

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