Thursday 13 June 2013

Support your Team!

One of my favourite past-times, when I am not blogging, is going to the football (soccer) with my dad. My favourite team in the whole wild world is Celtic Football Club who are a football team here in Glasgow, Scotland. The team has irish roots and my family has supported them for many generations which I am sure will continue for many more years to come. 

My love for celtic and the current sport wear trend, gave me inspiration for my latest post - "Support your Team". No longer is supporting your team, a male hobby, females are getting more and more into sports which is definitely being recognised by clothing brands across the world :) We can support our team but look great at the same time! When I was in LA last year, I picked up the Dodgers shirt that you can see in the top photograph. I love it! :)

I don't support any particular team in the United States and tend to have fan wear supporting many teams across the MLB, NFL and NBA haha. I end up captivated by the design and colours :) They're just all too nice i'm afraid!! 

The items below are my favourite picks:

Support your team or all of them like me lol:

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