Thursday 25 November 2010

Haus of Gloi Haul

Hi everyone, I'm back after a crazy long break from blogging. I'm back at uni full time now so I have a lot more time on my hands to update my blog than when i did working full time.

So after hearing from a few of the other bloggers about Haus of Gloi, I had to check them out for myself and I was more than pleasantly surprised!! Let me tell you a little bit about Haus of Gloi before i start raving about the products I bought.

Haus of Gloi is a store based in the United States and they are 100% vegan! The two owners Britt and Matt are Vegans themselves and pride themselves in their business remaining vegan friendly. The store specialises in body scrubs, lotions, handmade soaps and perfume oils. As well as this if you visit during holiday seasons such as Halloween and Christmas you will find an array of different themed body goodies ... which is where i got sucked in :)

After reading The Gloss Goss's review on Haus of Gloi I immediately rushed over to have a look at their online store in the hope that they would still have some of their Halloween stock left over. To my delight I got my hands on Pumpkin Queen Pumpkin Butter and Hex Soft Bubbling Scrub.

Pumpkin Queen is described as:

"Sweet hay pillows, pumpkin flesh, ripe peaches dusted with clove, nutmeg. Summer's last herb pickings, hung and dried, lastly a glowing crown of amber."

The scent of Pumpkin Queen is very unique. I was really surprised at how amazing it smelled that I spent most of the day smelling my arm that I had applied it too. The only way I can describe this product is ginger biscuits. Thats the first thing that comes to mind everytime I look at the jar now!! The texture of the lotion is very creamy and luxurious and it sinks blissfully into your skin and well dont get me started on those ginger biscuits again!! Each product on the site comes in two sizes: a sample size and a full size. I bought sample sizes for my first haul and by god do I wish i had purchased a full tub now, and not only that 3 or 4 of them cos I cant wait till next halloween to purchase more :( ... Conclusion on Pumpkin Queen? LOVE IT <3

Now on to Hex

How cute are these tubs!! I don't want to throw them out when they are done cos they are just too cute!! So Hex is a bubbling scrub for while you are in the bath or shower. I had never used a bubbling scrub so I was intrigued as to what was gonna happen once I started lathering it up. To give you an idea when the scrub is not wet its like a dry grainy oily gritty ... well you get the idea (i hope). Once you start lathering it into wet hands it immediately turns to this soft and yes bubbly exfoliatey type lather with another amazing scent that I'm gonna find it hard to describe ... so i'm gonna leave it at its an amazing sweet scent.

Here is how it is described on the tub:

"You've been bewitched! Lecherous and troublesome: brackish amber, aged vanilla bean and three dark fruits, veiled in darkness and otherworldly secrecy."

Now for the serious info (so listen up guys!)

Prices start at $4.50 and I can't see any above $15 :)

International Shipping is relatively cheap too, I can't give you an exact figure as it changes with the amount in the basket, but its very good!!

Visit Britt and Matt at the Haus of Gloi now for all you scrumptious bodycare needs

I've just placed a Christmas order so i'll be reviewing that soon!

Laura xx


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