Tuesday 1 September 2009

Skincare: My Favourite Spot Zapper

Hey Hey! Welcome to my very first blog post. I have never done this before so please be patient with me!

Being a victim of child and teenage acne I have just about tried every product on the market claiming to be a blemish/spot fighter and I have on more than one occasion been very disappointed with the results. Despite all the blemish fighting products on the market I always find myself going back to my Clinique Clear Blemish Gel. It is my favourite spot fighting product and always does the trick for me. It is transparent in colour therefore you can where it out and about and not only when you are in hiding. When you first pop it on that nasty spot it will sting a little bit, but hey this is how you know it's working right? Within an hour or two of application my pesty spot has not only reduced in size but the redness has faded considerably. The bottle will last you forever as you only need to apply a tiny amount to each spot. At £12 a bottle you're getting yourself a bargain as well.

Let me know what you guys think please :)

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