Thursday 10 September 2009

Designer Alert: Amore & Baci

Amore and Baci is the latest designer to emerge with designs intended to fulfill the latest craze of beaded charm bracelets, and I must say out of the Pandora's and the Truth Bracelets, I like Amore & Baci the best. It caught my eye the other day when I was walking past Beaverbrooks at my local shopping centre. The bright colours and cute designs immediately drew my attention. The prices are reasonable too, charms start from £10 and bracelets from £37. Amore & Baci covers it all from not only bracelets but to necklaces, pendants, rings and earrings too.
Founded in Italy Amore & Baci claim to have created their collection for women who want to express their own feelings by always wearing different and interesting compositions. On the Amore & Baci website you are able to create your own bracelet on screen in order to see what your composition will look like before you buy. There are thousand of beads on offer and you could definetely spend hours playing about with their create a bracelet tool matching colours and adding charms. However, If you are not feeling creative you can also buy a ready made composition like the ones below. 

Visit the Amore & Baci site in the US : Amore & Baci

Buy from Beaverbrooks in the UK:     Amore & Baci at Beaverbrooks


  1. is now carrying Amore&Baci in the US. I bought my wife a bracelet and a few beads..She loved it!

  2. have a great selection of Amore & Baci beads. The standard delivery is within 3 days and you get an extra little treat with your order!


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