Saturday 26 September 2009

Beauty: One Hot Minute by Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit's newest product One Hot Minute has hit our shelves and their kitsch packaging has caught my eye once again.

So what is One Hot Minute? Benefit describes it as a "sexy in seconds face powder".

How does it work? One Hot Minute is a light loose powder that comes in one colour only but suits all skin tones. When sweeped across the face the powder gives you face a luminous glow and instantly gives your face a fresh look. The colour is like a rusty colour but goes on transparent, so definetely gets the thumbs up for light tones as well as dark tones!

What to apply with? One Hot Minute comes with its own little brush while on the go, but goes on wonderful when applied with Benefit's fantail brush.

In the UK: Free Standard Delivery when you purchase One Hot Minute - enter voucher code 1HOTDELI (valid until 6th October 2009)

In the US: Get FREE US Standard Shipping with purchase of one hot minute, our sexy in seconds rose-colored face powder. Enter ONEHOT09 at checkout. Offer valid 9.22.09 to 9.29.09.

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1 comment :

  1. I am loving the packaging! It has definitely got my attention. Sounds good! xo


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